Erring on the side of large

This weekend would have gone a lot differently if I was in charge.  For instance, I would be giving you a birth announcement right now.  Instead, after rushing to the hospital Saturday night at 11:50pm, we were sent home Sunday morning at 5:30am with little to no sleep and the nurse’s sympathy.  And I’m still huge.  And my daughter is still being stubborn. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying knitting to a ridiculous degree.  No sooner did I finish the smaller booties than I started on a ruffled hat.  It was my first attempt at knitting-in-the-round, and I was so intimidated by the thought of using double-sided needles that I avoided it until the last end of uttermost need.  I also needed to go out and purchase some.  Hours before I was hospital-bound, there I was in Hobby-Lobby filling my basket with yarn skeins and knitting needles.  Nesting? Probably. 😉

So on Sunday I amused myself by finishing the hat project.  I had a feeling it would be a little larger than anticipated–and a few rounds more would have made it fit a big baby head…

But the project wasn’t a complete wash–I wove a long string of yarn around and made it into a little pink mob cap, now capable of fitting a much smaller head.

So will it fit Munchkin?  I hope to find out soon.  Meanwhile, I’m going to try again.  Besides, two of the boys have commissioned non-ruffled hats of their own, so I need to practice! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Erring on the side of large

  1. Cute hat and how clever of you!!:) Sorry about the hospital trip…that must be annoying! Munchkin is just keeping you on your toes;)-

  2. Too bad about the trip to the hospital. I always think the feeling of waking up the next morning after spending most of the night in an ER has to be one of the worst sensations there is. Way to go on the knitting, though! Very cute little hats. Rose has been asking to learn how to knit, and I’m thinking I might have to learn myself so I can teach her one of these days!

  3. It was a very bad feeling. 😉 I was quite cross.

    I tried to teach Rascal to knit the other day, but he was looking for an immediate finished product, and the time required to make him a fishing net was more than he wanted. Besides, I had no idea how to knit a fishing net.

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