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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

As Summer Vacation gradually winds to a close, here’s some things that have been occupying our minds, hearts, and time in these last halcyon days of (blazing, hot) summer.


Getting ready for Baby.

This is her coming home outfit, found here at Etsy.  Big sisters have pink tutu skirts to wear whenever we bring Munchkin home, so look forward in a future {p,h,f,r} for a picture of our three princesses.


Setting the little things out for Baby.  This basket, for instance, holding new toys (the chicken–picked out by Rascal–and the elephant), and the oldies but still goodies (HABA rattles from Princess’ baby days, the taggie book that every child has enjoyed).  Also, there’s a cute pink elephant sleep sack waiting in the crib, and this print hanging on the wall above her crib.

Now I just need to keep her big sister from taking over the crib before she arrives.

She crawled into the crib, snuggled into the Boppy (there for safe keeping at the moment) and fell asleep hugging the elephant sleep sack.


Our neighborhood Fun League Swim Team is over for the summer, with our team winning the “championship.”  There was a fun party for the swimmers at the end of the season and each participant got a personal certificate and trophy (in addition to the ribbons and/or medals won.  Our fellows were still too young for medals, but they did win some ribbons :)).  The boys called these trophies their “Piston Cups” in homage to “Cars,” and Rascal, examining the guy at the top of the trophy, said: “Ok, now I know how to dive.  I just need to stand like this!” And he demonstrated the pose.


These LEGOs.  They are taking over my house.  My desktop.  My hard drive.  But when the boy asks: “Mama, can you please take a picture of this?” It is hard to resist. 😉

3 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. What a sweet coming home outfit! And congratulations on the “Piston Cups” 🙂 Sometimes it’s the strangest things, isnt it?

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