New Inventions Daily

This has indeed become the Summer of LEGO.  With only x-amount of “sleeps” before a certain Rascal’s birthday, LEGO is the buy-word for birthday gifts (as well as rocketship backpacks, lunchbags, water bottles, and apparently now bedsheets–all thanks to having one’s birthday during the month of Back-to-School).  I’m thrilled that the kids are usually very good about keeping the LEGOs at the kitchen table and off the floor, and we now have enough small pieces to keep mostly everyone participating happy at all times (we just needed to add one more wheeled vehicle).  What amazes me most is the creations they come up with–sometimes pretty basic, sometimes a definite improvisation but you can still see the intent behind the design.  I laugh that the little pieces are only put together according to the directions once, and after that join the milieu of small parts ready to become part of the next creation.  Take this, for example.

It is made with pieces from a Scuba Explorer, a helicopter, a space rover, and a small car.

It has room in the back seat for Scuba Guy’s gear, and I am told it is an amphibious vehicle (in Rascal terms–a water car).  Notice the propellor in the back (a “compellor”) and the four tanks in front are supposed to provide ballast and occasionally shoot off water when necessary.

Poised and prepared to handle any terrain, obviously (at least, posed to handle any apparent publicity photo op).

That was yesterday’s invention–it’s moved on to become other things today.  Still, I had to capture this one.  I love seeing glimpses of this kid’s imagination, and wonder as he continues to design, redesign, modify, and order others’ designs around whether he doesn’t have his Daddy’s engineering genetics… in spades. 😉

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