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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


Pretty as a peach!  It’s coming on that season again, and every year I’m curious as to what exactly I’m going to do with these delicious things.  Pies?  Sliced, lightly spiced and canned?  Jam?  Or just eat ’em.


These pictures were meant for a “Summer Sewing and Read-Alouds” post that has yet to materialize.  I had some extra material from the pillowcase dress (see Funny, below), and used it to cover up some stains on a shirt meant for Munchkin.  I added a flower to an extra pair of pink newborn pants just for fun.


This could double as “Real,” but I thought it was pretty funny after I got over the initial shock of seeing my toddler-turned-gymnast.   I never do know what she’s going to do next.  Silly little girl.


This was a brand-new pack of crayons two days ago.  Now some of them are broken, the wrappers are gone, the box is non-existent, and some of them have actually been eaten.  Blech.  Perils of giving a little one her own set of crayons, as she does insist upon coloring at the kids’ craft table (where her sister the crayon consumer can easily reach her).   The boys’ crayons are faring a little better.  They still have wrappers, have not (that I know of) been eaten, and Dinosaur’s at least are still in the original box.   Sometimes I fret over the crayon turnover in the house.  Once I even went with strictly colored pencils, but those require sharpening every 15 minutes and also get eaten by the dog.  Markers are out of the question (I fear for walls and carpeting).  So washable crayons it is, I guess.   After all, they are being imaginative and creative, and washing down the occasional wall is worth that.

4 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. The peaches look so yummy! I’m sure Stonewall Jackson would think so too. 🙂

    I used to be a toddler gymnast, too! Only, I would grab one of the crossbars on my bunkbed. I’m not sure what my sister thinks, as she was sometimes present on the bed above… But I can vouch for the pastime being quite fun!

  2. Our crayons always meet a similar fate. I try to stock up a few packs in the back-to-school sales and then I don’t feel as bad. The RoseArt ones are way cheaper and seem to hold up better, maybe because theyre also softer so they write easier.

    The updated outfits are adorable 🙂
    And I vote to just eat the peaches 😉

  3. Eat the peaches! Make peach shakes! Slice them up fresh and eat them with yogurt! (I’m quite pregnant and craving peaches. Can you tell?)

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