Apparition in Target

Today I did one of my last solo outings with the whole troupe of younglings before Munchkin shows up.  I needed some milk (as always) and one or two other little things and the kids needed an outing, so off we went to Target.  We don’t go there often now since we live further away from it than we did at the Old Haus (which still hasn’t sold yet–please pray!), so it was a treat for most of us.  The Back to School stuff was starting to appear on the shelves, so the kids enjoyed looking over all the coloring tools, notebooks, and fancy pencil cases.

There was another sight that made an impression upon Princess, at least.  As I navigated the cart down one of the main aisles, trying to look casual as I made sure hands stayed on the cart and we didn’t run down any customers, an employee passed us pushing a cart of stuff for inventory.  He smiled at the kids and moved on, a tall pale young man with a bushy brown beard and shoulder-length brown hair.  I wonder whether he was out of earshot when Princess whirled around and said:

“Mommy! It’s Jesus! I saw Jesus!”

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