Trying something new

I come from a family who isn’t much into trying incredibly exotic foods.  The joke is that we only eat fish that are square and breaded (and presumably are caught fresh from the sea in this manner).  My jaw dropped during a telephone conversation when Mom mentioned they were going to have hummus for dinner (a taste they acquired after their visit to the Holy Land in April).

Haus Meister comes from a family who are very much into trying different things.  My mother-in-law makes up her own soup recipes.  Haus Meister enjoys finding new menus to try and will often call me while away on business with the latest ethnic food he’s eaten (the culinary conversations from China were very interesting–especially the snake soup.  *shudder*).  He used to tease me about my very basic food likes–I am very predictable in my tastes and he probably could order a dinner for me and not go amiss.   On our honeymoon he sampled a good deal of different seafoods, while I stuck to my comfort zone and ate so much fried shrimp I was sick of it after four days.

Eight years into our marriage he’s gotten me to eat a lot of things I never thought I would try.  Naan bread, vindaloo, curries.  Thai pork, fried rice, lemongrass soup.  And today, he heated up leftovers from an Ethiopian restaurant that he and his brother stopped at last night as they traveled home from their grandmother’s funeral.  So now I can say, I’ve eaten Ethiopian fare!  And it was good!  And I have no idea what it was called!

I wonder what my 2003 self would have thought of that?

2 thoughts on “Trying something new

  1. Yay!! 😉 isn’t Ethiopian food yummy?! “the prince” was telling me about that restaurant tonight… it’s a good thing I had a full stomach:) And you know, it is pretty easy to make Ethiopian dishes- look up some recipes online. Most of it is basically meat, lentils, onions, garlic and a bunch of spices. You could probably do something in a crockpot…

  2. After Haus Meister read this post, he informed me that I had basically eaten lentils and vegetables with sponge bread. I looked at him aghast and said: “Those were *lentils*?! But they were good!!!” 😉

    Sometime I’ll post on how he’s trying to get me to cook with beans more often. 😉

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