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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


Rascal found this flower in our backyard.  I haven’t looked it up yet, but it sure adds an exotic look to our windowsill!



When the basement began to smell musty (see Real, below), I had the kids bring all their toys upstairs, including the costume box.  Inside the box was an ultra-frilly dress that had belonged to Haus Meister’s cousins once upon a time (I think the story went that they got it at DollyWorld or some such Southern place).  Anyway, someone has declared it to be her Princess Dress and wears it often, of course loving the effect twirling has upon the crinoline skirt.


This little fellow arrived in the mail the other day.  He’s so cheerful.  I hope he works well as a cherry pitter. 😉


This is the major clean up in the aftermath of the leak saga in our basement.  To recap, on Saturday morning I found out that the valve attaching the hose from the toilet to the wall had broken and sprayed water all over our laundry room/half bath and into the main body of the basement.  Haus Meister valiantly fixed the leak and cleaned up the water with a shopvac and did what we could to dry it with fans and a dehumidifier.  However, he had to leave the following day to represent his company at a conference.  Monday morning I opened the door to the basement to go do laundry and was greeted by a horrid musty smell.  Oh..no…  Some friends brought by more fans but by Tuesday morning I was on the phone calling our home warranty office (who could do nothing since this was “secondary damage”), and the insurance company, who provided us with numbers for three contractors.  Only one called me back–yesterday.  By then Haus Meister was (thankfully) home and our insurance claim adjuster had called with another number–for a restoration service–who came out right away and got down to business.   So for the nonce, my basement looks like this:

6 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Oh, dear – I hope your basement issue gets cleared up without any more hassle. The fluffy dress and hat is ENTIRELY TERRIFIC! How cute!

  2. Your basement is real–real awesome! Seriously, though, I hope you guys can get things cleaned up without much more trouble.

  3. The flower looks like the “Bird of Paradise” flower that is all over the Hawaiian islands. What a treat ito have it growing in your backyard! Every time we go to Maui, I always comment that I wish I could take home all the beautiful flowers in the tropical gardens. Unfortunately with the Indiana winters and the summer Japanese beetles, they would never survive.

  4. Mom said it looked like “Bird of Paradise” to her as well.

    And of course, it isn’t surviving the onslaught of small children eager to pick pretty flowers…. 😉

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