Requiescat in Pace

Haus Meister’s grandmother passed away early Tuesday morning.  We had been waiting for the news for a while now; her health had been gradually deteriorating over the past few years and now a week ago she took a turn for the worse and the family was called home.  She had a peaceful passing, surrounded by those she loved best–her husband, her eight children and their spouses, and some of her grandchildren– as they recited the Rosary and other prayers.   The family members who have contacted those of us who could not be present keep stressing what a lovely, peaceful time it was, despite the sorrow.

Please pray for the repose of her soul, and for her husband of nearly 63 years, who was hospitalized this evening.  😦

2 thoughts on “Requiescat in Pace

  1. May she rest in peace. Praying for her husband also. It turns out my grandfather has colon cancer. He’s having surgery tomorrow morning to remove a rather large tumor. Please pray that it goes well! And tell Haus Meister that he has our sympathy and prayers.

  2. We’ll be praying for your grandfather as well. We just heard tonight that Granddad was taken to the local hospital via ambulance and ended up needing intestinal surgery. Still waiting on further news….

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