Instant Gratification Sewing

Fear not, gentle reader, for I do have the requisite material for the creation of the ruffled dress shown in a previous post.  However, as I had been unable to sit down at my sewing machine for two weeks, I felt the need for something quick and simple to recommence my summer sewing marathon.  Fortunately, Princess had selected a fun owl print while we were fabric shopping.  I indulged her because, frankly, every other choice she liked would not have worked for anything I was going to make for her–particularly the prune polka-dots on a background of olive green.  I bought what I thought would be enough of the owl print to make a nightgown (text next to the sleepy owls says “snooze”) and then some, which would become a nightgown, a faux-pillowcase style top (not a dress), and some scraps.  Time for some “instant gratification sewing!”

Last night I made the top.  Tonight I sat down to make the nightgown, only to realize that I had forgotten to cut 2 of the dress pieces on the fold!   Darn pregnancy brain!  But I digress.  Anyway, I make the top, and hang it on the closet door for her to see in the morning.  I imagined she would be surprised, and I believe she was.  However, it was the Cowgirl dress all over again!

“That’s [Sunshine’s],” she said, and refused to wear it after I had her try it on.

Now if this is the Cowgirl dress revisited, then she’ll be wearing it in a week.  Meanwhile, someone else doesn’t mind wearing Mommy’s creations. 🙂

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