There is a tide….

This morning our intrepid swimmers headed out for their second-to-last meet of the season (they did well, by the way, and even finished second in a relay race–against one other team ;)).  As soon as they were gone, I went to nab a quick shower before beginning my morning.  Going toward my bathroom, I heard an unusual sound.

What is that? I wondered.  Halfway through my shower, it hit me.  Running water.  Silly kids; they probably turned on the dishwasher (occasionally one of them plays with the dial). No matter, it needed it anyway.  I’ll shut it off and add detergent when I’m done.

Accordingly, as soon as I was dressed I walked back to the kitchen to attend to the dishwasher.  I passed the open basement door on my way, and realized to my horror that the sound was coming from there.  That was why it sounded so unusual!  I raced down the stairs as fast as I could in my present condition and lo and behold–water standing on our carpet.  Oh no.  No no no.  Gingerly I stepped off the stairs and tiptoed to the laundry room, unlocking the door.  There was at least 2″ of water on the linoleum.  Turns out a hose connection from the wall to the toilet had broken, spraying water all over…everything.  I turned off the water at the wall and luckily that was all that was needed to stop the flow.  I made sure nothing had gotten into the spare room (it had not gone further than the doorway), but the closet beneath the stairs was going to need to be cleaned out.  So I ran upstairs and blocked off the basement door until Haus Meister returned for damage inspection.

The kids got a trip to the hardware store so we could get a better shopvac and rent a Rug Doctor.

Meanwhile, the thought recurring in my mind was: If part of the basement *had* to flood, why couldn’t it have been the more stained part of the carpet? 


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