Cherry Jubilee

Today Whole Foods was offering a one-day only sale on organic cherries.  Rarely had I seen the price per pound so low–even in the regular grocers.  So my sister-in-law and I packed up the van.  Two women and seven children.  22lbs of cherries came home with us.  I’m the one who bought by the case. 😉  Two bags were set aside for the kids (and the rest of us) to consume in the next day or so.  Three pitted and halved cups of cherries were set aside for “Summer Solstice Preserves” which also includes blueberries, and another seven-and-a-half cups of unpitted cherries were bagged up for the Brandied Cherries I always promised Haus Meister I’d make if ever cherries went on sale. 😉  The rest went into the freezer until I’d have time to make jars of homemade cherry pie filling.

I love this part of the season.

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