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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

This edition brought to you courtesy of our whirlwind trip “North for the Fourth.”


I did make the two other patriotic faux-pillowcase dresses on my list of things to sew.  Sunshine and her cousin looked very festive (and so did Princess in hers, but I was unable to get a picture of all three girls together in their matching attire).  My sister and I enjoyed seeing our girls toddling around together, considering last year at this time the tots were wee babies laying around on blankets and occasionally rolling over.  On the other hand, they were much easier to keep an eye on in those days…. 😉


Trooper’s triumphs.  We’re told there is no cure for Sensory Processing Disorder, and that the best we can do is work with him daily to help him adapt to an environment that affects him so much differently than it does us.  When we first started heading “North for the Fourth” four years ago, Trooper was unable to stand the annual parade that occurs in my old hometown.  The parade begins with a blare of sirens from the fire engines and at that point, Trooper was ready to run as far from the park as possible.  Every year, we noticed he could stand to stick around just a little longer.  This year, he sat in a lawn chair and watched the parade  go by in front of him.  He only got up when he thought someone was going to pass out the balloons on a float.  He was patient and attentive, and only plugged his ears when the sirens went off.  Haus Meister and I couldn’t have been more proud of him.  On another day of our trip we went to a Children’s Museum.  Again, except for a bit of impatience at getting into the Museum (lines to pay for the tickets? So over-rated), he was golden once we got inside.  He rode the Carousel and visited his favorite Science exhibit.  He transitioned from these activities without a meltdown.  He ate calmly in the Food Court and if he rushed unheedingly through the Dinosaur exhibit (no dinosaur looked like his beloved Unk, after all), it was only to enjoy the antique trains.  Fireworks stopped scaring him last year, and this year he was able to laugh and react to the spectacle with as much gusto as any of the kids.  Finally, the see-saw toy you see in the picture above.  Last year we could hardly get him on it.  This year we could hardly get him off it at times.  Trooper, you are our hero, and we rejoice in your triumphs!  They may seem small to the world, but to him, to us, it means so much.


Blueberry picking with their little cousin.  I think the little cousin was a better blueberry picker than our Princess, whose idea of berry picking is to strip the branch of everything–including leaves and unripe berries.  We had to hurry her along lest the farmer think a blight had descended upon some of his plants. 😉


During the parade, the boys received candy from a local law enforcement officer.  If this man wasn’t a hometown hero to my boys already, he sure was after those lollipops arrived!

It was also a sweet moment when the float carrying the WWII veterans went by.  “Proud to be an American” was blaring on a loudspeaker on the float as the soldiers smiled and waved at the children lining the street.  Rascal waved back and Dinosaur waved a little stars & stripes fan he had been given.  What with that song’s lyrics and recalling the sacrifices the veterans make for us, and seeing my young boys there, knowing they live in a free country and are part of the true hope for its future… yes, I about started crying.

And then I started kicking myself for not taking a picture.

7 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. What a great celebration you had! I’m so glad your son was able to enjoy the parade this year, it must be so amazing to watch as he adapts and can begin to enjoy 🙂

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