“They Are Coming…..”

Um…that title is meant to be read as if you’re watching The Fellowship of the Ring and Gandalf is reading aloud from the book in the Chamber of Mazarbul.  And yes, I’m a geek.  I scored less than my husband on the Geek Test but I’m still pretty much a geek.  I’m also a literature nut.  But back to the book in the Chamber of Mazarbul…

…so okay, those words are supposed to convey a sense of impending doom.

Any mother finding herself occupied with the housekeeping of a home twice the size of the one she lived in four months ago, trying to encourage two young children to help their big brother clean up the messes that they all made, and about eight months pregnant to boot would have a sense of impending doom when she hears her husband say:

“I think he needs some Legos.”

On the one hand, I love Legos.  I check a LEGO a Day just about every day for a laugh.   I am fully prepared to welcome the LEGOs into my home and make birthday and Christmas gift giving just that much easier from here on out.  On the other hand….they are small.  They are miniscule.  And they scatter to the four winds in the hands of children.  Am I ready to vacuum countless pieces of LEGO carnage?  I’m still trying to get them to put the Melissa & Doug food and the Hot Wheels in to their designated baskets for Pete’s sake–what the heck are they going to do with LEGOs?!

But this is just one of those examples of my perfectionism (the little I have) needing to take a back seat.  What brought this conversation about was a day last week that just went nuts.  Rascal had behaved during toy-clean-up-duty in such a manner that caused me to sit down and psychoanalyze every aspect of my parenting from diet to toy rotation.  I even briefly contemplated homeschooling year-round.  After dinner I sat down with my husband and poured out the woes of the day, bouncing this and that idea off of him.  I had lofty theories of Why the Day Went Sour, so I sought detailed explanations of What To Do Next and Et Cetera.  Instead Haus Meister got down to the meat-and-potatoes of the problem and suggested:

“It sounds like he’s bored.  He needs a new challenge.  None of the play toys he has challenges him enough.  I think he needs some Legos.”

At that point I thought of our toy closet that still manages to look like an explosion hit about three times a day, and tried not to hyperventilate.  But I also saw the justice of it, and remembered that I had bought Haus Meister a little LEGO helicopter last Christmas as a gag gift.  Unfortunately, we lost two or three pieces in the first trial of LEGOs and Our Sons, but it was still functional.  So the next day I showed it to Rascal, explaining that he had to play with this at the kitchen table and to keep all the little pieces together or else I’d have to take it away again so that babies or dogs can’t get at the small parts.

He was absorbed for three hours.  The day went smoothly.  In fact, all the days since have gone relatively smoothly for him, even though I have taken away the LEGO chopper when too many pieces get left out or if it isn’t put away when he’s done with it.  He enjoys the time he spends with it and is quite inventive and imaginative.   While I grant you a new toy is not the answer to every childhood issue, it sure worked in this instance.  😉 So for fun we’ve been looking ahead to future LEGO adventures, especially as he has a birthday coming soon.  I was thinking something on the scale of this:

Rascal is thinking something on the scale of this:

I hope he isn’t too disappointed on his birthday. 😉

So yes, these LEGOs…. “They are coming….”


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