Summer Sewing and Read-Alouds, Week 3

Well, the Daisy Dresses are done, and now the rest of that fabric can be saved for scrap works.  🙂  I made just a basic tunic top with part of the fabric, and then lengthened the top pattern into a dress that I paired with matching bloomers from a different pattern.  The girls can interchange the dress and top between them, although really the top is for Princess and the dress is for Sunshine.

I finished the dresses in a late night marathon sewing fit Friday night, and the bloomers as well.  The girls wore them all day yesterday, and seemed to be very comfortable.

I had a lot of fun with this, but I’m going back to the pillowcase dresses in the coming week.  The pattern I used for these tunics/dresses is a Simplicity pattern from 1983 (I’d have to go down and dig up the number out of my stash, and I’m too pressed for time to do that at the moment).  It was also from my Grandma’s collection, and the girls have and wear the original eyelet dress that she made for me from that pattern.  At least, I assume she made it for me as I was the only grandchild she had in 1983. 😉

Onto the reading for this week:

25. Fin M’Coul: the Giant of Knockmany Hill by Tomie diPaola

26. The Story of the Easter Robin by Dandi Daley Mackall

37. Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavendar by Elsa Beskow

28. Around the Year by Elsa Beskow

29. Spring is Here by Lois Lenski

30. The Twelve Days of Christmas (Little Golden Book)

31. Stop that Ball! by Mike McClintock

32. The Art Lesson by Tomie diPaola

33. Corgiville Fair by Tasha Tudor

34. Bathtime for Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

35. Biscuit Loves Father’s Day by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

36. We Help Daddy (Little Golden Book)

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