{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


The earrings in the center–the pearls over the heart-shaped leaves, were a surprise gift from Haus Meister this week when he returned from an out-of-state business meeting.  Definitely pretty, and also happy. 🙂


Our first foray into “organized sports.”  Our two swimmers had their first swim meet last Saturday.  They participated well (things aren’t very competitive in their age group–everyone’s still using kickboards), and had quite an enjoyable time.  They like the junk food almost as much as the trips to the pool.


It came to Rascal’s attention once that my dad, his Grandpa, had wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up.  Rascal was surprised, then, to learn that Grandpa had chosen a different career path, working in a hospital now instead of flying all the shuttle missions.  As the boys share their Grandpa’s interest in the space program, and have watched nearly every shuttle launch in the past three years, it occurred to Rascal that it must be the secret sorrow of my father’s life that he isn’t a shuttle commander and hasn’t been in Space.  Therefore, frequent colorings of rockets and shuttles are mailed to Grandpa in an effort to console him.   Last week a friend brought by his old shuttle toy and the accompanying spacemen for my boys’ amusement, and Rascal set up this scenario especially for me to take a picture of for Grandpa.  “You can send it to him for Father’s Day,” Rascal suggested, “and he will like it.”


Stash-busting continues this week.  I haven’t had as much sewing time as I could wish, mainly from the absolutely real impossibility of sewing while Sunshine is awake.  While she is up, I’m basically on constant Damage Control mode.  😉  And her nap is becoming shorter and shorter or later and later in the day.  Not good for productivity. 😉

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