Ball Jar Obsession

I know I’ve said this before.  In addition to my penchant for collecting buttons, ribbons, and other sewing oddments, I also collect Mason or Ball jars.  Usually this is because I like to do a lot of canning and preserving, but also because things look nicer in a pantry when kept in glass than in boring plastic.  Rice, popcorn, confectioners sugar, noodles, spices, coffee, currants, chocolate chips… this is just a sample of what I actually do store in glassware in my pantry.  One thing, though, that I should really like to have someday is this:

How nice my lemonade would look in something like this!  Or my iced tea?  Or Pioneer Woman’s Iced Coffee?  And then, of course, there’s the set of matching jar cups….

….that actually are cheaper at  I do have three of a similar version I picked up at Cracker Barrel last year–or was it two years ago?  Anyway, there were four, and now there are three.  Such is the rollover of usable items in my kitchen.

Every so often I’m tempted by that giant lemonade jar, but there’s usually something else at the time that I need to get that is more important, so my family is subject to the dangers of BPA and etc. for another summer.  One day, though….

The jar glasses remind me of a family anecdote.  My mom recalled going to a restaurant as a child on her family’s summer travels that served your drinks in pint-size mason jars.  So, she decided to add to the ambience of our dinnerware by using her pint-size jars for our cold drinks.  It worked wonderfully for many years–hardly a jar broke, and we enjoyed the country look.  One day, when I came home from college on break, I noticed that there was a new set of glassware on the dinner table.

“What’s this?” I ask, “Why did we finally decide to go with normal glasses?”

My sister laughed and Mom looked embarrassed for a moment.   Apparently my sister’s then-bff forever had come to spend the night some weeks before and was quietly astonished at being given her beverage in a mason jar.  She went home the next day and told her mother that we were too poor to afford glassware!  So her mother, one of the sweetest women in the world, went to the nearest outlet place and bought my mother a set of glassware, not taking no for an answer!  It was a wonderful gesture of friendship, but it did effectively end the country-theme look of our dinner table.

However, if the kids break one more glass, it’s jars for them.  Those Mason jars can take a beating!  Truth be told, I already do give the kids their lemonade in pint jars.  It just has that vintage summer look.  Try it sometime. 🙂

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