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For our entire marriage, Haus Meister has wanted to take me to the Smoky Mountains.  It was going to be our honeymoon destination originally, until we did an about-face and decided to go to the seaside instead.  Any subsequent plans to go to the Smokies were entirely too elaborate for us at the time, until finally, a couple of weeks ago, we came to the realization that we could drive there and back again in a very long day, but we could do it.  We could go there.  And we did.


Creek-stomping, rock-skipping, toy-boat-chasing summertime fun in a cold mountain stream.  Perfect after a long hike.  Never knew a 1.3 mile hike could take three hours, until we tried it with four adults and seven children (we picked up Haus Meister’s brother’s family along the way). 😉  Picnicking next to this stream was the highlight of the children’s day in the Smokies.  Next time, we joked, we’d skip the hike and go straight to the stream.


Her favorite pastime is chair-tipping.  She keeps it within the bounds of the family room, but nevertheless it does get a bit annoying.  I was taking a load of laundry downstairs when I heard her push the first chair over.  I was downstairs starting the laundry when the second chair went.  Rolling my eyes, I went back upstairs, only to find that in the interim she had decided to lay down and take a nap at the scene of her destruction!   Yes, I did check for injury and breathing before I got the camera out.  😉


The boys’ coatrack: Summer edition.  Everything essential ready to go at a moment’s notice.   Swim trunks? check.  Towel? check.  “John Deere”* hat? check.   Fire hat?  not a check–that was me getting it off the floor.  😉

* It really isn’t a genuine John Deere apparel item–it was a freebie at the Indiana State Fair from a farming vendor, but it’s  a green hat, so to Dino it must be “John Deere.”


11 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I love the picture of the dozing chair tipper! My boys enjoy that game too but they have never laid down to nap in the middle of it 🙂

  2. Looks like a beautiful trip! I wish we had mountains nearby! I love the sleeping chair-tipper…my toddlers always find interesting places to fall asleep!

  3. Yeah for the Indiana State Fair thanks for reminding me that the Indiana County Fairs are going to start soon! Midwest fairs are a must, especially for the roasted corn.
    The chair tipping would make me scared a child would get hurt, then I’d get past that and be scared the chair would break, then get past that, and wonder if the ceiling was going to start cracking in the basement from all the tipping. Are there any cows nearby?

  4. Luckily, Sunshine is never ON the chair when she tips it. She just gets in front of it and gives it a shove.

  5. You know, to give yourself a bit more credit, I think that hike was 1.3 miles one way, so really over two and a half total:)- yeah, and that Sunshine baby is definitely different from my girls in the falling asleep department! I sure wish my kids would fall asleep like that sometimes!!

  6. Oh…yes…you’re right. It WAS 1.3 miles one-way. Which means…we did 2.6 miles! We’re amazing! 😉

  7. Ha! Love the funny because we can relate. (My Little Guy enjoys flipping chairs over then pushing them around the room. Sometimes he will line up toys on the seat and back then sit in the little square space created by the legs, arms on the legs, pretending to drive toys around.) The snapshot of the nap in the midst of the upheaval? This is priceless. 🙂

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