The Faux Pillowcase Dress

In other words, I didn’t use a genuine pillowcase for this project.  Instead I measured out some of this darling Michael Miller Lil Cowgirl fabric, used a tutorial I printed off so long ago I have no idea from whence it came, and sat down to try this out.  I must say it worked phenomenally better than my previous attempt (with a real pillowcase), but that is because I didn’t overdo the armholes.

I have to say, this isn’t the project I meant to start.  I had it in mind to do another stash-busting number and make a top for Princess out of a dress that hadn’t gone well.  As I was cutting a new bodice for said item, Princess gleefully raided my stash and pulled out the Cowgirls.  “This, Mommy!  This!”  She squealed.  “I beautiful, Mommy!  I beautiful!” (NO self-esteem issues here.  None.)   I had bought this material on impulse last summer, along with some darling red ribbon to coordinate, and let it sit for inspiration.  So now I thought, pillowcase top.  Nice and easy, right?  And away went the dress-turned-top for another day.

It was done that afternoon, thanks to a nice nap on Sunshine’s part and the fact that the kids were so tired from the weekend that they just wanted to veg with books or the animated World of Peter Rabbit and Friends.  I was pleased with my effort, especially since I had been avoiding this type of project since my previous failure.  Flushed with success, I presented it to Princess.

“What do you think?  Do you like your pretty new dress?  Would you like to try it on?”

The Princess looked at me in disdain.  Her Royal Highness had clearly gotten into A Mood.  “NO.”

“Really?  You won’t try this on to show Daddy when he comes home?”


Fine.  I huffed off and went to take pictures, trying not to feel the slightest bit rejected and not a little chagrined that the project I only did to please her was found unacceptable.  Maybe this wasn’t frilly enough for her.  And it certainly isn’t pink.  However, there’s always Little Sister Sunshine…

Who wore the dress all day today, even though she couldn’t match her shoes properly. 🙂

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