Hello Summer

Haus Meister took a “stay-cation” this past week, hoping to use up some of his vacation time (virtually none of it had been used to date) before the summer projects started gaining speed.  It was marvelous having him around the house, and knowing he goes back to work tomorrow is rather a letdown.  Of course, having a job isn’t a letdown, and so we move on.

This coming week will thus be more of  a “normal” week but without (much) schooling going on.  I never was able to get to the library for our summer reading program, but then I figured it was all right as a) we never seemed to be around for the closing party and b) we have a ton of books in this house that I would love for our kids to discover/rediscover as the summer goes on (although we will, I’m sure, visit the library at some point this summer).  So today I printed off a numbered chart and stapled it to the bulletin board in our schoolroom.  Whenever we finish reading aloud a book, we write the title on the chart.  I have stated prizes for reaching 50 books, 100 books, and 150 books.  Do we have 150 children’s books in the house?  I’m going to find out.  Thus far the following have been read:

  1. The Poky Little Puppy (Little Golden Book)
  2. Nurse Nancy (Little Golden Book)
  3. Doctor Dan the Bandage Man (Little Golden Book)
  4. The Happy Man and his Dump Truck (Little Golden Book)
  5. I like Winter by Lois Lenski
  6. Pelle’s New Suit by Elsa Beskow

Meanwhile, the backyard swimming pool sees a lot of action, even as Rascal and Dinosaur ask if today is “another swim team day?” and then “well, why not?” if it isn’t.  The sand pit in the corner of the yard is also in constant occupation.  I found a good lemonade recipe and it has had rave reviews by my test subjects in the house.  We could easily go through a gallon in two days.  Dinosaur especially prefers it, and frequently I hear: “Mommy, may I have another glass of wemonade, pwease?”

Trooper will have some schooling to do over the summer, mainly because he has so many daily living things to do for school.  Also, much of his academic schooling can be done through educational apps on his iPad, and he isn’t about to give that up for the summer!  There are many speech apps that his therapist pointed out to us at the end of April that has already made such difference in Trooper’s speech.  Only last week he tried to say “purple,” and “ball” is becoming clearer all the time.  He refers to his therapist by name and is just becoming more and more confident with his ability to say sounds and words.  We are just so proud of him.

I intend to use the interim weeks (and the third trimester nesting craze–I mean, phase) to prepare the home for Baby Munchkin, prepare ourselves for August and school and Baby, and hopefully get a LOT of sewing and knitting done during those “quiet” moments we sometimes get.  After happening across this post, I sat back and thought of my waning desire to continue cross-stitching Christmas stockings at this time.  I managed to create three gorgeous stockings for the boys that way (although Dino’s reached the mantle the Christmas after the one I had originally intended), but Princess’ stocking went into project limbo after I had to stop and rethink the intricate chart I was using, which I later scrapped in hopes of doing a simpler one.  I have her name finished; that is all.  That means that neither Sunshine’s or Munchkin’s have even been started.  Meanwhile, I have been able to do a lot of machine sewing and I really really wanted to begin to knit again.  So, two weeks ago, I sat back and told myself I was going to shelve the cross-stitching for a while.  Not for good (I hope), but for a while.  Rascal has asked me to knit him a scarf for Christmas–how can I say “no” when he wants and can use the scarf, while the girls still are far too young to care that they are stuck with simple stockings while the boys have something elaborate?  Anyway, if the girls ever did complain, I’d just point out that 75% of the sewing I do is for them. 😉  Amazingly, I felt a good deal of relief after making this decision and am building up an outrageous Ravelry queue full of things to make for the boys, girls, and the new Baby.  Once I get the hang of that practice scarf.

I also found out that it is dangerous to fall asleep in a chair while knitting.  You wake up and start knitting in the purl row.  And you don’t notice it until five rows later.  Oops.

Anyway, those are our plans for the summer.  Lots of sunshine, lots of reading, lots of imaginary play.  Less movies (I hope).  More relaxing.  More swimming.  More at-home joys being accomplished.  More “wemonade,” anyone?

Hello, Summer.  We’re glad you’re here.

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