Crazy 8th

"Open wide, honey!" (honestly, I didn't know I was making that face until we got the pictures back.)

Now note: this post is called “Crazy 8th” not because we were crazy to be married eight years today, but because….

  1. Crazy and Eight seem to go together.
  2. We just finished a fun and crazy visit with Haus Meister’s college roommate and his family (they left this afternoon after spending the whole weekend with us).
  3. I scheduled my first glucose test of the pregnancy today.  That was a crazy thing to do–why on earth did I voluntarily decide to drink a disgusting drink and be poked with a needle on this our blessed day?
  4. Three of our kids are showing signs of an up-and-coming Summer Cold.  Now I’m sniffling, too.  Whee.
  5. The dryer is still out and the air conditioner is just not cooling the upper floor of the house (the one we do most of our living in) as it should.  And the hazy heat of a Southern Summer has descended upon us.  Crazy.
  6. Haus Meister just hustled two of the boys out the door for swim lessons.  Upon their return from he shall progress to Church for our regularly scheduled Adoration hour, and then stop by the Old Haus to check the lawn status as the house is scheduled for a viewing tomorrow.  Crazy busy.
  7. We were so exhausted from the first part of the day that we couldn’t get around to making steak for dinner tonight as we planned.  Instead we had hot dogs or bratwurst and root beer.  Not very romantic, but it did serve the purpose. 😉
  8. However, despite all the funny little things that made our day (that fortunately Haus Meister had off from work) a bit less relaxed and romantic and reminiscent than we might have originally intended, we can honestly say at the end of it that we wouldn’t have things any other way.  Marriage is great.  Our life together is great.  And I am so thankful for that, and for him.


3 thoughts on “Crazy 8th

  1. Happy anniversary you two!!!! 🙂 wow eight years and you’re still married… better than the majority of Americans. Oh, and eight because there are (about to be) eight people in your family his year!!

  2. Congratulations! and I ditto the last part of the previous comment. Your family is the greatest.

    Love, Grandma Rie

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