Imagination Station

Trains were coming and going at express speeds through the busy terminal in Dinosaur’s imagination.  In a 20 minute time lapse, this is what I heard:

“Mommy, I’m Fwitz.” (that’s ‘Fritz’ from Swiss Family Robinson)

“Mommy, I’m a dump twuck.”

“Mommy, I’m a steam sailboat.”

“Mommy, I’m a baby elephant.”

–Pauses to pretend to be Wall*E.

“Mommy, I have two gwavel-filled dump twucks.”

“Mommy, I’m a watermelon.” (this is my personal favorite–what in the world does a watermelon do?)

and just as I kissed him goodnight…

“Mommy, I’m a doughnut house.  I have two doughnuts.”


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