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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…

School ends tomorrow.  A busy summer awaits!  I told Haus Meister that before the Baby comes at Summer’s end I wanted to have started to knit again, as well as make some clothes for the girls.  This week I got a head start on those summer goals. 🙂

Something Pretty:

She’s twirling as I took the picture.  I  made Princess this nightdress out of an old dress of mine, which was made of a jersey-like knit but after several wearings looked less dressy and more old-Tee-Shirty, which was not something I liked.  So I cut it down to fit the Handmade Dress pattern and made a bare-bones variation of it.  I had never used the pattern before so I felt the nightdress would be good practice.  I cut out the fabric a while back, and yesterday I whipped it up in the space of Sunshine’s daily nap (hastily finishing the sleeve elastic as she woke up).   The pattern is very simple to work with.  I list this as my “pretty” for the week because as soon as she tried it on, Princess ran into the living room to show her brothers, saying “Hey! Look at my pwetty dwess!”   The customer is satisfied, and I am content. 🙂

Side note: looking at that picture, it seems Sunshine was the last to have that can opener.  I must find out where she put it…. Kids and Kitchen items.  Why do they take them?  Why?

Something Happy:

I’m knitting again!  Don’t ask what that is on the needles; it isn’t anything–just a practice piece.  I was trying to teach myself the purl stitch and was quite annoyed that despite consulting two “Learn to Knit” books, I was failing to figure it out.  The diagrams were not making anything clear to me at all.  This could be attributed to pregnancy brain, of course, but there it is.  I complained to Haus Meister about my lack of vision, and he sat down, studied it, and showed me how to do it!  I can purl now!  Huzzah!

Something Funny:

Our evil plan worked!  Obtain pool = can keep eye on all five at one time.  Mwa-ha-ha-ha.

Something Real:

This is a newer version of my three year old dryer.

My dryer isn’t working.  It hasn’t worked now for over a week, in a series of unfortunate events that seem eerily similar to the original laundry drama.  The technician is coming today (it takes a while when your stuff is still under warranty, doesn’t it?) and hopefully will solve the problem.  Meanwhile, we cart a load to my in-laws’ (ancient, working) dryer every afternoon.  I decided to spare you the picture of our wet laundry in a plastic tub, mainly because the battery in the camera died at that propitious moment. 😉

11 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Love the pool!–Brilliant!

    I am due at summer’s end, too, and I’m hoping to pick up some sewing and crochet skills before then. (Organization would help…) Knitting is beyond me for now. 🙂

  2. Good for you in persevering in the knitting. Maybe that’s the answer for me too.–Get my visual husband to learn from the instructions first….

  3. I have a lot of practice pieces as well. It is a good way to learn to knit without ruining a big project! Hope your learning goes well, knitting is such fun!

  4. Yay, knitting! Knitting is so relaxing, even if you’re just knitting practice pieces. I would absolutely recommend finding a copy of “Knitting Workshop,” a video that Elizabeth Zimmermann did some 30 years ago. (I found it at my local library.) She is a hoot, and it’s really nice to see video of someone knitting, to get a good idea of how those stitches are supposed to sit. It’s what got me really knitting again after being on hiatus a couple of years.

    Anyway, I’ve come on over from LMLD, and you have a lovely blog. 🙂 Good luck knitting!

  5. great idea to cut down an adult dress for a girl – must remember that. it turned out very pretty – love your girl’s red hair!

  6. See if your parish has a prayer shawl ministry. They would be willing, hands-on help. Or your local yarn shop . . . I’m currently participating in the SuperScarves project for the 2012 Super Bowl. The plan is to give all 8,000 volunteers a scarf. After all, it will be Indianapolis in February! And no, I’m not making all 8,000! Working on my 3rd.

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