Scouting Ambitions

Last week we learned that the Rascal will be able to join a local Cub Scout Pack in the Fall.  We’re all pretty excited about this, especially as Haus Meister’s family has a bit of a tradition in Scouting and Haus Meister is going to be one of the assistant scoutmasters in the Pack.  Trooper will tag along to activities that he can handle, as Haus Meister and I decided a long time ago.  What pleases me is that Rascal specifically requested that Trooper come along, “since he’s a big boy, too.”  Bless him.

Rascal was interested in the whole Scout uniform thing, as he has seen Haus Meister in his uniform on occasion–notably a time when Haus Meister and a family friend were tapped to help head an Eagle Board of Review and both men turned out in full regalia, as it were.  I sat down with Rascal and showed him what his uniform would look like on one of the Scout store websites.  Rascal asked why he had to be a Tiger and I told him that it was just the Scout starting point.  Rascal shrugged and said he’d rather start out  with:

 Of course I had to burst this bubble and tell the little chap that he would have to do a lot of Scout things (and age about 13 years) before he could earn this rank.   Rascal mulled this over and after a pause came to a conclusion.

“That’s ok, Mommy.  I’ll just get some Eagle jammies.”

Anyone know where I can find “Future Eagle Scout” jammies?


One thought on “Scouting Ambitions

  1. Check out Robert Kaufman fabrics for Boy Scout prints. I think some may be available in flannel? Great aspiration for Rascal!

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