Yard Sales

This weekend we had our first experience being in a neighborhood that hosts an annual yard sale.  We had a small selection of things that we realized we didn’t need after all (and, of course, after lugging it across town in the U-Haul), so we set up some tables on our front lawn and were able to sell a bit of it and meet some of our neighbors in the meantime.  It was rather fun and pretty exhausting (especially since I was tagging baby boy clothes until 12:30am the night before–and then was awakened at 4:30am by a Dinosaur saying cheerfully: “And now the John Deere Baby Elephant says, ‘would you like some John Deere fishies, Mommy?'” and then pretended to feed me imaginary fish.  His imagination knows no time limits).   Our neighbors across the street were smart–obviously seasoned veterans–they set up a lemonade stand and I’m willing to bet they made a very decent profit from it!

When Rascal saw the lemonade stand, he told me he wanted to go make some lemonade in our kitchen, put a price sticker on his cup, and then he’d buy it.  I had to tell him I didn’t think it worked that way. 😉

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