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Capturing Contentment in the Everyday…


This is my late great-grandmother, otherwise known as Nana, who would have been 100 years old yesterday.  Unfortunately for us, she passed away in 2002.  Nana lived in Michigan until I was fifteen or so, when she moved in with her daughter, my grandmother, and we were able to see a lot more of her. 🙂  Before then we kids always enjoyed taking Nana to the airport, because in those days you could actually accompany the traveler onto the plane (sometimes) and the flight attendants would give you little wing pins or extra peanuts.  Nana taught me my first basic knitting stitch, which I still remember but alas, I had lost interest soon after and missed out learning so much more.  Nana continued to knit or crochet up until she died–I have four afghans of hers still.  She had an interesting childhood–her dad was a bootlegger during Prohibition and was able to afford a pet monkey for Nana when she was a little girl.  When she was 15 she  married my great-grandfather.  She said he used to walk her home from school and they would cut through a cemetery so they could kiss behind the tombstones.  Mom once asked Nana why she married him, and Nana said simply, “he was cute.”  Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last.  When I turned 15, Nana began to take an interest in my romantic life and asked if I was dating yet.  I explained the family rule that there would be no dating singly until I was 18.  Nana’s idea was, “well, don’t get married at 15 but find yourself a cute boyfriend.”  There was a scarcity of Prince Charmings in the region, and it really seemed to bother Nana that no one seemed interested in me, for she would ask almost every visit whether I had that cute boyfriend yet.  Finally, the Christmas I came home from college after meeting Haus Meister, she asked me the question again and I said, “yes, I found him, and you will love him.”  Poor thing, she started crying and said she was “so happy, because she thought no one would ever like me.”  !  I don’t think that’s quite how she meant it to come out, of course, knowing how she loved her family. 😉  In 2001 I brought Haus Meister over to see her, and by then her memory was starting to lapse.  She remembered all of the family, but she smiled up at him (he’s over 6′, and she wasn’t 5′) and said, “I’m not going to remember you, but I want you to know I think you’re cute, and I love you.”  And that meant the world to me.


Strawberries make me happy.  The farmstand that sells them has good prices on their strawberries, and that also makes me happy.  I bought four gallons yesterday, which made the children happy.  We’ve already made 2.5 quarts of jam and a pie, which make all of us happy.


This picture–and the child–has made me laugh all week.  It was taken the same day as the Jedi-look-alike picture from a previous post.  Same watermelon stains.  She gives me more laundry than almost any of them. 😉


The “hobby shelf” in our bedroom bookcase.  Haus Meister gave me two more sewing books for Mother’s Day and there is a third on pre-order.  I really need to get that sewing machine’s power cord fixed (see Luddite Dog post)!  This shelf is always interesting because it changes periodically.  This time last year some of the sewing books were not there, nor the homebrewing books, but there were books on keeping chickens!  We laughed that our interests change, but the fact that our hobbies are centered around home life never have.   Oh, and the knitting books?  Well, they are for when I finish learning the other basics.  And attempt to master some of them.  In other words, I might get to use them when I’m a Nana. 😉

5 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Popping over from Like Mother, Like Daughter… I love the story you shared about your Nana! How sweet! Loved this… “I’m not going to remember you, but I want you to know I think you’re cute, and I love you.”

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