If I had a Twitter feed….

..it would be full of the comments I overhear my children say.

Por ejemplo:

RASCAL: “When I’m as big as Daddy and married to C*, then I will like carrots.”

*C is a friend of his, a girl a week younger than our Rascal, who moved to a new town last summer.  As yet I think she is unaware of his matrimonial ambition.  I’m fond of telling Haus Meister that someday Rascal will marry a girl named C., if not the original, simply because it’s been a fixed idea for so long.  😉

DINOSAUR: “Dinosaurs don’t need baths!”

(of course, in Dino parlance ‘need’ comes out something like ‘meed’–and yes, at that moment he was pretending to be a dinosaur and bewailing his soon to be clean fate)

RASCAL, on Mondays: “I don’t want to have to go back to work after the weekend!”

Sweetie, who does? 😉

PRINCESS, after having her hair braided. “Now I show Daddy. [traipses down the hall] DAA-DEEE, look at MEEE-eee!”

RASCAL, coming over to me on Mother’s Day with a picture of our dining room and some random letters written impeccably above the “table.”  The letters looked very much like Achoo.  But, “This is for you, Mommy.  I drew it because I love you.  These letters [points] say Mother’s Day.”

There is no competing with that.

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