Do you see it, too?

There have been many times in the winding road of motherhood that I find myself wishing we were at the next point in the road already.  Mostly that pertains to toilet training or getting-through-the-grocery-store-all-together-and-in-one-piece or pertinent things like that.  Sometimes, though, the “next point” is something decidedly trivial.

The other day I complained to Haus Meister that Sunshine’s hair (which, by the way, is longer than some of her cousins of near age) isn’t growing out fast enough.

“She looks like Luke Skywalker in Episode IV: A New Hope!” I wailed.

My husband looked at me a for a moment, then burst out laughing.  “You know, she kind of does!”

Ignore the watermelon stains. It's nigh on impossible to catch her clean these days.

Next bit of randomnymity…a word I’ve just invented, by the by…. I wonder now how many blog hits I’m going to get for mentioning a famous Star Wars icon.  The second most famous post in this blog’s history besides the default home page is one where I mention in passing an actor who played one of our favorite LOTR characters.  Poor disappointed fans–I don’t think my blog is what they expected to reach. 😉

6 thoughts on “Do you see it, too?

  1. Sweet! She’s all ready for a visit from Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru! Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to you, by the way!

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