Catching up

Wow–with all the historical events over the weekend, it was hard to tell whether to write about what everyone else was writing, or just write about something else.  But then life intervened and I didn’t blog for a few days. 🙂  We did see brief highlights from the Royal Wedding, but Princess was more interested in this slideshow of historic wedding dresses than listening to BBC commentary about people she doesn’t know much about yet.  We didn’t wake up over early to watch the Beatification of Bl. John Paul II, but thanks to my Dad we were able to watch an encore presentation of it later.  We reminded Rascal that Bl. John Paul II is his patron saint, or “his Pope,” as we call it, and he was very impressed.  “That’s my Pope,” he’d say proudly whenever the beatification banner was shown.   As for the third big headline of the weekend, thanks are due to the United States Military.

Around here life goes on at breakneck speed.  Trooper lost his fourth tooth and has a very lopsided smile these days.  Rascal finished his coursework for handwriting and math for the year.  Sunshine is making more messes at quicker speeds lately–if there is an entry in Guinness for the Most Messes a Toddler can Make in a Day, I’m entering her.  She’d win hands down, and then go get into some other messy mischief.  The girls’ bedframes will arrive next week, so they are having a slumber party this week on their new twin mattresses on the floor.  Princess had been using our “guest bed”–a full bed–ever since Sunshine was born, and then both girls were in the full bed.  However, now that bed is in the new guest room where it belongs, and this nesting mama is quite happy to have this project almost completed.   It’s crazy the things that will bug you when you’re expecting.

The storms of last Wednesday that crippled so much of the South missed us almost entirely.  We had one night without power–some people in our city do not have theirs back on yet.  I kept an eye on the news for our old part of town, but did not hear until Friday night that a tornado had indeed touched down within two miles of the Old Haus.  I went to check on the property and found it had been spared.  Everything was lovely and green.  Haus Meister’s blackberry bushes were blooming and his grapes were winding up the sides of the trellis we had left.  The grass had grown over the bare spots in the backyard.  Wow, I thought, this place looks real charming.  Someone needs to come look at it right now!  Imagine then, how miffed we were tonight to receive feedback from a realtor who had shown our house this afternoon and called our property “cold and lifeless.”   I guess it takes all kinds of people to make a world, but still….

The last vestiges of our dream for backyard chickens went away last Saturday.   While cleaning out the garage and taking care of all the odds and ends still therein from the move, Haus Meister decided it was time to sell the Poulet Chalet that he and the boys had begun to build last summer.  All it needed was a trapdoor and a completed chicken run to be a fully functional coop.  He put it on Craigslist late Holy Saturday night.  Within an hour he had his first response, and four more people would respond over the course of two days.  Why can’t our house sell as fast as this thing? 😉  The lady who bought it owns a chicken farm with 200 birds and will use our coop for the chicks.  She promised to send the boys pictures of the baby chicks in the coop, since I’m sure she could tell Rascal was a little disappointed to see the coop go.  Dinosaur was on Cloud 9–not about the coop or the sale, but about the fact that the lady and her husband drove up in a custom built farm truck painted John Deere green and yellow.

Stay tuned for further random thoughts and domestic chaos as my blogging continues…. 🙂

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