Summer Reading

Although we still have a good month left of school, our summer reading is off with a bang!  First, this gem arrived in the mail on Friday:

To say the kids love it is an understatement.  I enjoy reading it aloud to them, even if it is the fourth time that day.  I’m also going to try the delicious sounding lasagna recipe she included in the back of the book!

Haus Meister and I were finally able to get out today to the buy/sell/trade used bookstore and traded in those two boxes of books we gathered up when we moved.  Armed with around $91 in store credit, we hit the shelves.  By the time Haus Meister found me again my arms were full of books by Jan Brett, Tomie dePaola, Syd Hoff, and various others with classical influence. There were science books for enrichment that I found from the “Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out” series, and two craft books from the Pleasant Company days of American Girl, for when my girls are older, of course.  Providentially enough, I was able to finish my six year quest to own all the 12 volume Bookhouse Book series.  The first two volumes–worth as much as $80 to $100 on eBay–were what I lacked, and suddenly there they were before me, in pristine condition….for 75cents each.  You may imagine I grabbed them and hoarded them, lest the person checking out the teen series books next to me suddenly take an interest in children’s stories compiled in the 1920s. Haus Meister and I looked over each other’s selections and then headed for the cash register, leaving with $14 still on our credit slip.  Huzzah!  Coming home, the kids were amazed at the sight of all the books and immediately sat down to look at the pictures.  Rascal has already declared a favorite from the pile I set before him:

Oh how we can’t wait for the lazy days of summer reading….

One thought on “Summer Reading

  1. Awesome!! Books are best:-) especially at the bookstore of which you speak…. oh I totally remember Mike Mulligan- that book was my older brother’s favorite for years!! It’s a classic- Good choice:)

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