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Girls in mostly white dresses with blue gingham sashes

Trying each other’s Easter hair accoutrements.  Sunshine didn’t end up wearing either the headband or the hat.


Basket for the Blessing

On Holy Saturday, our parish priest blessed baskets of food for our Easter dinner on Sunday.  We put in sausage for our breakfast, butter that the kids help me make on Good Friday, a candle that Rascal had made last Christmas (in my Easter holder), the icon for our house, the jar of jelly beans for our “crown of thorns” project, peas, and the Velveeta for Trooper as he still prefers mac and cheese above any other meal on earth. 😉  The bottles?  They are the “first fruits” of Haus Meister’s homebrewing experiment.  We gave one to Father after the blessing was over.


In Miner Mode

Yesterday during the barrage of storms, we lost power and had to go to the basement so many times that Someone here decided to continue wearing his flashlight nearly the whole day.


Our Easter table, Sunday morning. That's Sunshine kneeling in the top left corner. She still likes to climb onto tables.

Our “crown of thorns” had all thorns removed by Holy Saturday, when Rascal was allowed to paint it with the rest of the paints from the wooden egg art earlier in the week.  On Easter Sunday morning it was found on our table with a lovely nest in its center (courtesy of Hearthsong).  The “real” part of this happened when I went inside to check on some of the last minute Easter baking I had been doing, and came back out onto the deck where the painting had been taking place, out on the kids’ plastic table.  Dinosaur and Princess had joined in the fun and decided that the siding on the house needed decorating as well.  Haus Meister took care of that with the pressure washer while I took care of the reprobates with a good bath.  Thank goodness for washable paints!

3 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. As usual, I love the pictures, love your blog:-) thanks again for hosting Easter!! It was great to visit and feast! I hope the bays has returned to order after we all tornadoes thru:)- speaking of which, I’m happy to hear everyone in your neck of the woods is ok! Close to 9 last night PJ was away and V was sleeping when we had a HUGE hail storm. the wind and hail noise was so strong and loud I feared a tornado was gonna hit, so I grabbed the girls, a blanket, book and my phone and we hung out in the centrally located bathroom for twenty minutes till it passed…. I felt silly, but better safe than sorry. We know people who had major damage.

  2. I’m glad you all are ok after the storms. I was out at the old place today making sure it was ok–and it was, thank God. Our old neighbors across the street had a large tree uprooted and tossed into their backyard, but that was the worst of the damage this time.

  3. Who is the cute little guy in the miner’s headlamp? My goodness, he reminds me of my Nick! (I haven’t seen your kids in such a long time!)

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