Happy Easter, continued again.

A few evenings ago, while saying our night prayers together, Haus Meister and I came across an antiphon that we really enjoy reading on Easter.  First, I thought that the antiphon described the look on Christ’s face in the Icon I posted on Easter Sunday (incidentally, that icon was purchased for our home this Eastertide).  Then I thought, “I need to put that on my blog.”  Later, I thought that maybe once upon a time, I had blogged about the antiphon.  Looking through the dusty archives, I found it again.  If you’re interested, take a gander here.

Meanwhile, I’m off to bed.  Still recovering from hostessing Easter dinner (although mercifully my mother-in-law did most of the cooking at her house five minutes away), and the joys of persuading the resident Kindergartner that yes, he does have to do school this week, even though he’d much rather just sit around scarfing jelly beans. 😉

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