{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

Something new I’m trying this week.


The top of my dresser.  Clean!  The bottles are what is left of my antique bottle collection.  The statue is Our Lady of the Smile.  The conch shell I found on our honeymoon.  The flowers are the silk hydrangeas I carried in my bridal bouquet.  The pictures on the wall are a selection of our favorite engagement photos, taken at our college campus by my roommate.


“Reading” her First Little House books to her “babies.”


A dozen of the 47 wooden eggs the children painted for our egg hunt at home this Sunday.  We tried to put stickers on them, to no avail.  However, I think they’re charming as-is. 😉

Especially the ones Dinosaur painted.  He diligently painted the part he wasn’t holding, and left the rest. 😉


It is the Triduum.  Our votive candle will not be lit again until Holy Saturday night.  Nota bene: We do not keep this candle at kid-level.  I just moved it for the picture.

8 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

  1. Haha! I love the eggs:) we tried our hand at that yesterday, too. We used things like beets and turmeric to dye our large, off-white duck eggs…. They were attacked by crayons before dyeing and let’s just say the results were unique:)- oh well, they taste yummy

  2. Oh and I like the bit about the candle… 🙂 i can see the headline now: “Mother leaves glass candle at child level” Shock horror!

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