Holy Week prayer intentions

Last week, Haus Meister called me over to the computer.  The wife of his college roommate had just texted us over gchat about a mutual friend from college.  “Here is Brendan’s status he posted on Facebook 8 hours ago,” she wrote, knowing neither Haus Meister or myself are on Facebook at all.  “‘Dear facebook friends, please keep me in your prayers. I’ve been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, which is a rare, malignant cancer of the bone. There is a big fight ahead–chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, etc.”

Please pray for a safe, swift recovery for Brendan, a wonderful guy and dynamic college professor, and also for his sweet wife Susan who is expecting their third baby in June.

Also, if you don’t mind, that our brother-in-law finds a new job soon?  He found out last week that his full-time job will no longer be in existence by June.

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