Maybe I’m not quite Super Mom….

The other day I noticed Dinosaur had come inside with a skinned knee.  “When did you get a boo-boo, little guy?” I asked.

He looked speculatively down at his knee.  “Oh, I have a boo-boo,” he said matter-of-factly.  Then he looked at me determinedly.  “You have to kiss it, Mommy.”

Touched that such a service was requested, I complied.  He looked at his knee, then back up at me.  “Kiss it again,” he demanded.  After four demanded kisses, Dinosaur was looking a little fed up with me.  I just laughed and proceeded to administer more helpful first aid.  I guess he must have thought my kisses would make the boo-boo magically disappear.


Yesterday evening the doorbell rang, and we opened the door to see our neighbor standing there.  In her arms was an enormous Easter basket full of chocolates.  “Your kids are so sweet and I just love having all of you for neighbors,” she explained.  The boys are now ready and willing to love her forever, especially as she had provided a chocolate bunny for each child, including Sunshine.  I did not permit them to open the box, hoping to stave off the sugar rush until Easter Sunday arrives and they can wear off the energy hunting for Easter eggs with their cousins.  However, Rascal kept skipping around the house holding his chocolate bunny in a box, singing Mr. Nezzer’s Bunny song (at least the refrain) from Veggie Tales’ Rack, Shack & Benny. 🙂

This morning he came to me, devastated.  He had somehow managed to poke out the eyes of the chocolate bunny without breaking the box wrapper.  The maimed remains of this rabbit were less than desirable to him (and frankly looks disturbing enough to me), and he calmly requested that I replace it with one of the rabbits destined for other siblings.

“No!” I exclaimed.  “It wouldn’t be right for you to take one of their rabbits because you damaged yours.  That’s very selfish!  How would you feel if they gave you their broken bunny?”

He calmly replied.  “But I wouldn’t give it to them, Mommy.  I’d give it to you!”


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