Small Successes: Paperwork and More

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1) Everything for the Easter Baskets is either here or enroute, except the candy and the chocolate peanut butter eggs I’ll be making next week.  Those are just an oval shaped version of the buckeyes I make at Christmastide, and which have spoiled me to the extent that mere Reeses cups just don’t suffice.

2) I finally fixed Dinosaur’s “Little John Deere” shirt.  He had outgrown last year’s undershirts but refused to part with the ones I had appliqued tractors onto, thus happily hopping around in something too small and ragamuffiny for Mommy’s liking.  So, I hid the shirt from the to-be-folded pile and cut out the applique, then resewed it on to this year’s undershirt.  He is quite happy with his “new Little John Deere” shirt.  Now I need to tackle the other appliqued undershirt. 😉

3) We took care of so much paperwork this week.  Things like tax returns and third quarter grade forms and registration forms for the new parish we’ve been attending lately, which is a little closer to our home here than the one we’d been attending at the Old Haus.  That last one feels like the end of a chapter, but we have really come to like the new parish.  It is a smaller Catholic Church on the top of a hill out in the country, with mountain views out the windows.  Talk about a peaceful setting!  There are a lot of young families there as well, which is consoling when your child is fussy and happens to not be the only one. 😉

3 thoughts on “Small Successes: Paperwork and More

  1. Way to go! You had a great week!! I haven’t gotten all of the girls Easter stuff yet. I have most of it but I still need to get a rosary for Lulu and a religious toy for Zizzy (I don’t buy candy. My husband with Lulu’s Godfather does that each year). My mother bought me Easter dresses for the girls. I hope she mailed them.
    I hate taxes but love tax returns! We received ours this week! It was WONDERFUL!
    My parish has a lot of families too so normally it doesn’t matter if you child is noisy or fussy. Last week we went to the early morning mass and where one of the only families to do so. At the end of mass I had a fireman come up to me and say, “Your baby is a cutie pie! Just a cutie pis!” A mother come up to me and say, “I understand we have all been there.” And a little old lady come up and say, “I just want to tell you that you did good! They get older so it does get easier but you did good!” I was so embarrassed!

  2. MAKING PEANUT BUTTER EASTER EGGS!!!!! oh please, tell me you will share your recipe (before Easter) I’d love to try it! my kids LOVE buckeyes and I’m about to be deported from Ohio for never having made them!!!!

  3. I’m with Mary! Please share the recipe for peanut butter Easter eggs! And congrats on all the paperwork. It seems like paperwork multiplies like crazy around our house.

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