Joy comes in the morning

I would like to begin by thanking everyone for their kind sympathy at the tragic loss of Hobbit Dog.  He was definitely a wonderful little pup and is still much missed.  As it is said in Psalm 30: “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

No sooner did Rascal hear that he could have another dog when he was ready, then he decided he was ready NOW.  Looking at pictures of other dogs helped him look forward to the prospect of a new pet, and added with typical kindergarten “patience” he began to bemoan the doglessness of our house and proclaim that it was a problem that needed a remedy.  I did some research before writing the last blog post, and while the kids were asleep in the early morning. Haus Meister visited a local pet adoption shelter over his lunch break and found many a good candidate.  The center is very particular, giving you a whole slew of questions and specifics before matching you with just the right pet.  However boggling the paperwork and etc. may have been, when Haus Meister returned to the shelter before dinner with Rascal and Dinosaur in tow, they did help us find the perfect pet.

Introducing Beauty

Rascal named her “Beauty.”  She is a labrador mix, only about six months old, but affectionate and gentle as can be.  She’s great with children and had even been taken to preschool events by the shelter staff with no ill effect.  She’s playful and loves to chew on bones, sticks, and dog toys (unlike Fred, who preferred just to chew on plastic).

It was amazing how seamlessly she fits into our lives.  None of the kids are afraid of her (she is, after all, larger than Fred ever would be), and Sunshine even followed her around to pet and lean on her.  The kids fall over each other sometimes to give her attention.  Trooper has laughed at and watched her antics more in twenty minutes than he did with Fred in the nearly twenty months we had him.  She never barks at kids, only occasionally at the next door neighbor’s dogs, and at cats.   And she’s hard to miss, although I will definitely keep the leash handy when we go out front.

A boy and his dog.

Rascal is supremely happy.  I had to do the grocery shopping this morning and asked Rascal if he’d like to come along and find some toys for Beauty.  As I said above, Fred was never really interested in real doggy toys so we didn’t have any in the house, until now. After a game of catch out back, the two new buddies came in, and I found them on the living room floor as you see above.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Yes, we do miss Fred.  But we are happy to have Black Beauty.

5 thoughts on “Joy comes in the morning

  1. Oh! She is so cute- I love labs:) you guys don’t miss a beat, huh?:)- Going to a shelter was a great chioce, I think. So sorry about Fred thouh how awful! Stupid driver!!

  2. Yes, actually, it IS a Wodehouse reference. I think I even have that book! Yep–just checked. I DO! 😉

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