Small Successes — planting and decluttering

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1) The last order of seeds I made over Etsy arrived last Saturday, so on Monday, the Feast of St. Isidore patron of farmers, we planted the rest of the seeds that would require starting indoors.   I like ordering seeds over Etsy; two sellers added “bonus” seeds as a thank you for the order.  I now have three types of lettuce instead of one, and pie pumpkins and wax beans to boot!   I can hear my dad, veteran of many a year of my mom’s joy in canning green beans, exclaiming in horror that I should perpetuate that tradition, but hey, I’m not about to waste a bag of free seeds. 😉   Anyway, we’ll see which seeds make it.  So far we’ve had a good showing, although I’m about to go kamikaze on the squirrels out front, who think it’s fun to eat their acorns on or around my precious pots of vegetables, as if they do not have an entire front yard at their furry disposal.  This reminds me: sprinkle cayenne pepper on pots today.  I’ve heard it keeps the squirrels away.

2) After our big news on Tuesday, I decided it was time to tackle the seven bins of boy clothes in the garage.  I was surprisingly unsentimental about most of it, unlike previous attempts to tackle this project.  I came to the conclusion that having to move those bins out of an attic and into a storage unit helped me in my determination.  Also, in this house the roof clearance is so low we have to store things in the garage rather than the “attic,” so what was hidden is now seen.  It’s hard to ignore the towers of tupperware storage containers when they meet your eye as soon as you enter.  😉  At any rate, I now have four bins of clothes to consign or give away, and have kept one largish bin of clothes for a future son or nephew.  There is a bin of winter clothes for Rascal and Dinosaur and a bin of clothes for Trooper to wear this winter or grow into in a year or so.  Ah.  That part of the garage looks less cluttered already.  And yes, while I was at it I did happen to take the time to hang up all those frilly 0-3 month girl dresses into the girls’ closet. Why do you ask? 😉

3) After my success last week in removing strawberry juice from the whitish carpet, I had the opportunity to try the boiling water trick on a stain left from a bowl of spaghetti that had been launched on to the oriental rug by our dear Sunshine.  It worked again!  I am contemplating making a commercial about the stain-out qualities of boiling water.

4) I mended the strap of a pair of shoes, thus making them wearable again.  If my stitching holds, that is… 😉  Still, it is easier than finding another pair of good shoes right now!

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