April Fools!

Congratulations to everyone who guessed #1 as the April Fools 2011.  You get a cookie.  Virtually, of course, as it is Lent and I haven’t been baking cookies lately. 😉

Now, this isn’t to say that sometime in the future we’d be adverse to launching a neighborhood campaign for a small number of pet chickens (no roosters) for 4-H purposes, as well as a steady supply of breakfast eggs.   However, I think I’ll wait until some of the children are older so I can assign them coop cleaning duty.  Also, as Rascal has a knack for trying to persuade people to see things his way, I’ll wait until he can go around asking people for signatures, taking Princess along for the Bambi-Eyes part of the persuading equation. 😉

#2–the homebrewing, is true.  I introduced this as a segue to a guest post being formulated by Haus Meister and which should appear on the blog later this week.  He already has one batch in secondary fermentation and kept a small bit out for a taste test.  I took a sip and thought, “Wow–that’s good!”  And I am no beer drinker, except for the rare seasonal brews.   The homebrewing for financial stability part was an embellishment of my own to further the joke, although it has been known for engineers to stop engineering and take up brewing, if I have the history correct. 😉

#3– Also true.  Today according to the itinerary, my parents, my aunt and uncle and various other pilgrims, took a “drive along the Mediterranean Coast to Caesarea…continue to…Mt. Carmel….[and] Cana in Galilee.”  If that’s not more than a day’s drive from home, what is? 😉

2 thoughts on “April Fools!

  1. Oh, T!!! You have to speak to my dad about the brewing thing! There is a guy he knows, there local to you all, who quit the power utility (electrical engineer, he was) and is now running a little microbrewery off of Frasier Ave someplace.


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