Fragile as glass.

We guestimate about 11 glass items have been broken since our arrival in the New Haus.  Five glasses, a nightlight bulb, a frame, and a lightshade for a fixture left behind by the previous owners are what I can recall off the top of my head as I type.  I know we’ve also lost a Pfaltzgraff salad plate–the last from our wedding gifts (and wouldn’t you know they retired my pattern three years after the wedding?!).

So, if you come to visit and we serve up our dinner on grannyware dishes and pour you a drink in a mason jar, it’s not entirely because we’ve “gone country” on you.  It’s just that as the family grows, so does the need for durable dishes.

Oh, because we have also broken a melamine plate since we’ve been here.  We really need to be on someone’s durability test list.  If we can’t break it, it’s impervious! 😉


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