Kids in the Kitchen — Kitchen Garden Edition

Phase 1 of our planting is underway.  We moved the peas, radishes, and onions out-of-doors since we read they do well when the weather is still cold.  If the author of the garden book lived in Maine, does that mean the weather in these parts is already too temperate?  Not sure, but we’re giving it a shot anyway. 😉

The cold weather containers

This is not the final spot for some of these plants; I just hoped that the mainly off-limits front yard would enable these things to grow to a suitable height in order for me to move some of them to the backyard without the danger of having the pot re-dug.  I lost a whole flat of pumpkin seeds that way last year, so this year I am taking little chances.

The "little garden" in the garage

The lettuces, tomatoes, pumpkins, and watermelon are being started indoors.  I haven’t finished them, nor have I had the kids plant the rest of the snap pea seeds or begun the carrots and nasturtium.  I find even my patience taxed by three eager helpers adding dirt to pots (“More dirt in the pots, kids, less on the floor!”).  I mean, I know it is a garage, but that’s valuable dirt! 😉  So we usually just set aside a small window of time to do the planting each day.  Rascal is quite zealous with his watering, which reminds me to unpack a spray bottle stat.  I think one pumpkin seed was drowned today.

But you know, they are having a blast.  And if even half of these seeds make it, we’ll have a considerable harvest!

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