A momentous occasion

After it became evident that Dinosaur’s obsession with John Deere was not a week-long phase, and after we bought the DVDs and the shirts and purposely planned a stop during our vacation last summer to visit the John Deere Pavillion in Moline, IL, Haus Meister and I joked that the time had come to actually own a John Deere Something or Other to justify the brand loyalty our family seemingly promoted (well, ok, that Dinosaur unabashedly promotes with our amused blessing).

Today it happened.

Our First John Deere

Those two could hardly wait for their Daddy to unload the precious cargo.  Dinosaur began to jump and hardly let his feet stay on the ground for ten minutes, giggling maniacally nearly the entire time–pausing only to tell me that we had a “Jawn DEERE” in our driveway.  Since the unpacking, the new walk-behind mower was taken for a test run by Haus Meister, who mowed the front lawn while his pit crew cheered him on from the front porch.  Special trips have been taken to the garage to “just look at the new lawnmower, Mommy!”  You’d think they’d never seen one before.  Rascal looked at these pictures and sighed, “We love our new lawnmower, Mommy.  I don’t know why, but we just do.”

I am grateful that we didn’t do something rash and buy a riding lawnmower.  Those two would have passed out from sheer joy.

2 thoughts on “A momentous occasion

  1. Let’s hope they are still this excited about that John Deere when it is THEIR turn to walk behind that mower in a few years! LOL!

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