It does a body good.

“FUN FACT: The average American drinks about 24 gallons of milk each year.”

We’re definitely above average.  I’m lucky to keep from having to purchase 24 gallons in one month alone!

2 thoughts on “It does a body good.

  1. Wow! That’s crazytalk! If the neighborhood doesn’t allow chickens, then maybe a goat or two? Or a cow:)- you should look into a herd share program or something 🙂

  2. Since they don’t allow anything more than household pets, and I don’t think we could convince them that three fat hens are household pets (even if we had them), I doubt goats would go over very well. 😉

    Herd shares? There is one near us, but they want $8 for a gallon of goat milk. Somehow that doesn’t appeal at the moment.

    I think I just need to push water and healthy fruit juices.

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