Small Successes – Wherein I admit I’m a wimp.

It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph. So on Thursday of each week, we do exactly that.

1) I had our children’s Lenten activities ready by the end of the day on Ash Wednesday.  This is an improvement over previous years, wherein I’d usually still be putting things together on the First Sunday  of  Lent.

Now for the triumphing over wimpiness successes:

2) I pulled a tooth.  More specifically, I pulled Trooper’s third loose tooth.  There is a triumph here for him as well, because he came to me for help and with his sensory issues he has extreme oral defensiveness and has to gear himself up to let someone touch near his mouth for any reason.  Toothbrushing he is used to, more or less, but this was far different and much more uncomfortable.  I am incredibly squeamish about loose teeth–the type of Mom who screams when the kid comes over to show the wiggling thing–and I admit to hoping that tooth would stay put in time for Haus Meister to help, he who so casually and unsqueamishly gently pulled the first tooth (the second fell out who knows where).  But that was a day Haus Meister had to work late, so when my poor boy came to me, what else could I do?  After extracting the tooth, I gleefully showed it to Trooper, squealing, “Look, we did it! It’s out!”  He took one look at it, flicked it across the room, and ran off grinning (toothlessly–he has no top front teeth now) and giggling from sheer relief.  While I’m frantically trying to find the tooth again, Dinosaur came into the kitchen and raided the produce drawer.  “The baby Dinosaur wants some stwaberries.”

3) I caught and released a frog.  Yesterday when I let Hobbit Dog out for his morning constitutional, I found a tiny frog inside our screen porch.  When Rascal was up and dressed we had an impromptu Nature Study, examining the frog at a distance and looking it up in our North American Wildlife Book. It was a Spring Peeper frog, and Rascal drew a picture of it with the distinctive “X” marking on its back.  We excitedly told Haus Meister about it when we met him for noon Mass on Ash Wednesday.  He said he’d release it for us after work if we hadn’t done so by then.  Now, I am more squeamish about touching wild critters than I am about loose teeth.  If this frog had been any larger than 2″, I would have screamed.  I am a wimp that way, which I freely admit.  The thought of catching the little guy with my bare hands and having him jump around inside my cupped palms was not on my high level of things to do yesterday.  Then I realized that I didn’t have to touch it with my bare hands.  I caught him in a jam jar.  We released it into one of our flower beds so Hobbit Dog couldn’t see it and Rascal, Dinosaur, and Princess eagerly said “good-bye” and “come see us again soon!”  It was good to have released the froggy when I did–Rascal wanted to keep it as a pet and the sheer volume of excited shrieks from Dino and Princess whenever the thing jumped was enough to probably give it a froggy heart attack if it stayed on our porch any longer. 😉

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