Dinosaur still sometimes refers to himself in the third-person, as if telling us a story, and sometimes even in third-person as a dinosaur.  The other day I was able to overhear exactly how he refers to himself.

DINOSAUR: (coming out of his room and heading down the hall to the kitchen) “And the John-Deere-Green-baby-Tywannasawus Wex said, ‘I’m thirsty.'”


Princess took a tumble on Thursday which necessitated three stitches in the back of her precious head where she hit an offending corner of furniture.  She cried at the incident, and after as I cleaned her up.  Then despite the boo-boo, she was back to normal.  She cried when I tried to change her shirt before going to the doctor, as it wasn’t the one SHE selected.  Naturally, she cried at the time they were taking the bandaid with numbing cream off the back of her head, stuck to her red curls. 😦  She sobbed during the suturing, not because she could feel it, but because something was going on and she didn’t think she liked it, but she didn’t thrash about or offer any resistance (difference between boys and girls).  After it was done she sat up and dried her tears, and smilingly accepted the gifts of a beaded plastic necklace and sticker.  But then she cried as we passed through the waiting room and realized that we were not going to stay and finish watching “Cars.”  Yep, back to normal. 😉


Rascal has developed a hunting streak all of a sudden.  Last week we passed the area’s flock of wild turkeys as we drove home.   He has since been telling us that they are going to show up in the small wooded area behind the New Haus.

“And then,” he says seriously.  “I’m going to shoot them, and we’ll have it for Halloween Dinner and Thanksgiving Dinner and any Fall Dinner really.”

This from the boy whose toy cowboy gun is still packed away waiting for Christmas.

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