In, out, in again.

Tonight I made my first run to the nearby grocer for most of the week’s worth of groceries (excepting the gallon or two of milk that we’ll end up needing but do not have room for right now, oh, and the cheese I forgot).  It’s a new store for me, although I’ve taken Trooper there a few times after therapy in the time since we knew we’d get the New Haus in order to acclimate him to the new sights of the store–and to point out where the all-important plain yogurt would be.  We’ve been there about four times in the previous week since I never had a chance to make the Big Grocery Run after moving in, and the kids love this place because during daylight shopping hours the cashiers hand out free balloons to the children.   What could be better?  Hmm.  Maybe that the baggers have a complimentary escort-you-to-your-car-and-load-your-groceries-for-you service.  Niiice.

We haven’t been in residence a week yet but already the New Haus feels like Home.  Haus Meister enjoys the relaxing drive up the ridge on his way back from work, and I’ve enjoyed playing House this week.  We have had an early Spring Break these past two weeks and as I unpack more of our schoolbooks, I am eager to begin the semester again (whether they like it or not ;)).  I feel all the vigor of a fresh start.  The children have enjoyed getting to know their new house, wondering at little technological marvels we never had before–for instance, who knew you could get water out of a tap in your freezer door?  Or that Mom could open the garage door with the touch of a button from inside the van? Or for that matter–that we even have a working garage!  We feel tremendously blessed with this house.  It overwhelms sometimes.

What of the old Haus?  It is not yet on the market owing to some painting that needs to be finished, as well as a few minor fixes and a box or two of stuff that still needs removing.  We didn’t dare try to show our house while moving out of it–such feats are beyond me.  I do not think I could have made that house look un-lived-in while five children lived in it.   We’ve been back twice this week already and have to go again tomorrow for some things, which the kids won’t like much.  I don’t think they miss the old Haus at all, or at least not keenly.  They are having far too much fun here, and in truth, I’m glad it is this way.  I am more and more ready myself for the Old Haus to pass on to other owners, hopefully ones who will appreciate its dear cottage charm.  I feel as though we’ve been in and out and in again all week, and I am ready to just stay put and work on making this New Haus a haven and a home for keeps.


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