Thrifty Moving

I wish I had remembered to do this earlier.  Haus Meister called the local Wine & Spirit Shoppe today to ask if they had any empty boxes available.  He came home with probably enough to get us through the rest of our packing, with more glass dividers than I’d ever think I’d use–and wish I had known about before I bought the overpriced glassware box at the Moving Center.  😉

So the recycle guys and our new neighbors are either going to think we’re thrifty for the efficient use of free boxes once they see the pile of empty spirit boxes at our curb…. or they’re going to think it takes that amount of alcohol to raise five kids…. 😉

Actually, it doesn’t take alcohol.  Coffee, on the other hand… 😉

2 thoughts on “Thrifty Moving

  1. Boxes from the liquor store are the BEST for moving. They’re just the perfect size for packing books – they don’t get too heavy when they’re full.

    And the people at the liquor store (at least from my experience) don’t break them down so they’re still nice and solid.

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