Attic escapades

This week I tackled the attic.  It was a great cathartic moment, let me tell you.  I haven’t been pleased with the way we had to store things in the attic, and now I got to purge the lot of it.  Of course, now most of it is going into a garage–but that’s roomier!  And less stifling in July!  While it was nice to rid ourselves of a few bits of junk, it was rather fun looking through things and bringing up memories.

  • The boys’ baby clothes.  For four years those clothes had a pretty regular use.  I still melt over a dozen little outfits.  Now we’ve been four years without a new boy in the family–no nephew, either.  Bringing down all those tubs of clothing decided two things for me: 1) Munchkin is a Boy.  I had guessed this already–and will let you know around Easter if I’m right–but in case I’m wrong 2) The biannual consignment sale will be treating me very nicely this year.  Except for those dozen little outfits that I will HAVE to save.
  • The wine rack Haus Meister gave me for our first wedding anniversary.  It was glass topped and that is why it has been in the attic–it was not safe for the kids.  In fact, I’m not sure it is yet.  But we can hide it in our new larger bedroom and pretend that it’s an end table….right?  The funny story behind the wine rack is that Haus Meister went out one Saturday and bought a case of various wines to stock the rack, many of our mutual favorites.  That afternoon I found out I was expecting Jacob.  At least I was able to enjoy the beautiful engraving on the glass that he did in the shop at work with a laser of sorts.
  • A box full of duplicates left over from old checkbooks.  Why did we save these?!  I mean, some of these dated from college!!!  After about the 35th shredding of a copy of a check made out to “Papa Johns,”  I decided we’d order in that pizza for old time’s sake (and also due to the diabolical power of mental suggestion at 3:30 in the afternoon).  I think Papa Johns tasted better in college.
  • A binder from Haus Meister’s stint as a teacher at Scout Camp back when we were dating.  Inside the binder was a picture of me.  Aww.
  • Referencing the boys’ clothes again, you can seriously tell our family started with boys because I have saved pairs upon pairs of baby boots and sneakers in graduating sizes.  Even unto the half-sizes.  Anyone running low on baby boy shoes?  I can’t promise ultimate pristineness after about size 5.  I also noticed a pair of shoes I recognized that we had to buy the Rascal when we were out of state attending a friend’s wedding.   We were a few hours away from home when I noticed that Rascal was wearing footgear entirely inappropriate for a formal occasion.  Around the same time, Haus Meister remembered he had walked out of the house that morning in his sandals and had forgotten to pack his dress shoes.  So our first stop after checking in was to raid the nearest Target.
  • A box fan that we used before we installed central air conditioning back in 2006.  That box fan came from my parents’ house, and was purchased in the 1980s.  Still works!
  • Fishing poles, camping gear, and a box of Boy Scout paraphernalia.  All of which will be getting used again very very soon.  Rascal is itching to begin Cub Scouts, and has been ever since the evening last year that Haus Meister was tapped to attend an Eagle Board of Review and left the house in uniform.  On the day I brought this stuff out of the attic, Haus Meister was out of town on business and I hoped none of the neighbors noticed me loading this stuff into the van in his absence and think we had quarreled. 😉
  • Things I had used to decorate my dorm room, and then our apartment.  Like a bottle of non-alcoholic White Zinfandel that for some reason I filled with glittery peach craft marbles.  I had entirely forgotten that bottle.  Haus Meister and I had bought it and some foccacia bread and had a picnic at Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park, back in those halcyon college days when you could ignore your homework for a little while and go off on a picnic into the mountains.

It’s amazing the things we save.

2 thoughts on “Attic escapades

  1. Way to go with all of the organizing and getting ready to move (I am so in awe)! It sounds like you will absolutely love your new place. Your talk about the wine rack reminded me of a study I read about that said moderate drinking during pregnancy is actually healthier for the baby than abstaining completely from alcohol (they recommended 1 drink per week, but said even those who had 1 drink per day did no harm to their babies at all). Yipee! So, fill that wine rack right up! 🙂

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