Feels like home.

On Saturday we had our last walk-through of the New Haus to make sure the incredibly minor things recommended by the home inspector had been fixed (and they were).  The sellers are not in the home; they transferred out months ago, actually, so we felt no compunction about bringing the children over to see their new home.  They loved it.  They couldn’t contain their excitement!

I once told Haus Meister that I would not move again unless it was to the Dream Home.   Admittedly, the Dream Home inside my head looked a lot more like the mini-farms a few miles from here.  None of them, however, were on the market. 😉  And while this New Haus isn’t what I expected I would like, nearly everything about it fits our family.  It isn’t pretentious–I wouldn’t have to go buy designer furniture for this place.  Our stuff will fit in just fine.  The downstairs family room with the fireplace will be the perfect spot for our fall and winter read-aloud times.  There’s more than enough space for homeschool gatherings, First Communion parties, and holidays.  I’m hosting Christmas again this year, something I haven’t been brave enough to try for two years.

And just watching the kids play around, exploring the new backyard…. I could just tell that we will be happy here.  Dinosaur was already trying to dig at the raised bed garden, for goodness’ sake!  I foresee I’ll be removing the John Deere toys from my tomato beds in a few months.

On Monday, Rascal told me that he loved the New Haus and couldn’t wait to move in.  “What do you like most about the house?” I asked him, “What was your favorite part–what did you like best about it?”  I imagined he would mention the stairs, or the “chimney for Santa Claus”–as that had been his criteria in our house searching all along.  Or maybe he’d mention the backyard, or even the fact that his bedroom will be larger!


“I liked the little potty in the room with the washer and dryer,” says the Rascal without a pause.  “That tricked me.  I didn’t think it was going to be there.”

So there we have it.  The powder room + laundry room combination is a hit.

Meanwhile, it is eleven days until we move.

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