Excerpts from the week….

I know I have neglected you lately, dear Reader.  To be quite honest, I didn’t think you would be all that interested in the progress of my morning sickness, or the other obsession of late: packing.   Yes, we’ve packed twelve + boxes this week!  Huzzah!  But hardly something noteworthy, hardly interesting enough for Small Successes, for instance… at least, unless I wanted a repeat of the week before. 😉  And besides, if you, dear Reader, happen to be my mother or sister, then you’ve already heard variants of the above at least twenty times.

So moving on to things Overheard.


Random conversation between Haus Frau and Haus Meister.

HIM: I hope our new house has unlimited hot water.

ME: Oh, you mean that one of us could be showering while the dishwasher was running, or the toilet in the other bathroom was flushing, and we’d still have hot water?

HIM: Exactly.

ME: I’ve heard there are dwellings like that, somewhere.

HIM: I think that was in Vail, dear.


Dinosaur has taken occasionally to referring to himself as a third person character in a story.  Like the following sequence, when he came to the gate in front of the kitchen door (that keeps Sunshine out lest she sneak into the laundry room and upset Hobbit Dog’s food and water for the umpteenth time):

DINO: “‘Open the gate, Mommy, pwease,’ said the baby Dinosaur.”

ME: “Ok, baby Dinosaur, here you go.”

DINO: “[mewing roar of thanks]”

Later that afternoon we were going to take a round of boxes to the storage unit and Dino was lagging behind as I was herding the crew into the van.

ME: “‘Hurry up and get in the van, please!’ said the Mommy Dinosaur.”

whereupon I teasingly lift him into the van, setting him down on his own two dinosaur-rainbooted feet, only to have him look over his shoulder in a scowl of incredulity that Mommy actually knew how to play that game.

DINO: “Rawr.”


Princess likes to tell us she loves us in litany form.

ME: “I love you, Princess.”

PRINCESS: “Luh yoo, Mom.”

ME: “I love you too, Princess.” (hoping to coach proper response technique here)

PRINCESS: “Yah, luh yoo too, Mom.” (giggles)

ME (resigned): “I love you too, Princess.”

PRINCESS: “Luh yoo TOO, Mom!” (kisses me and runs off with a pixie smile).


RASCAL: “I’m almost the same age as you, Dad.”


Another incredibly random conversation, held in mock-debate form.

HIM: “‘Anger, fear, hatred, the Dark Side of the Force are they….’ Ok, so if Jedi can’t get angry, why don’t we see them skipping around tra-la-la-la-ing?”

ME: (gesturing with toothbrush in hand–women always talk with their hands, right?) “Oh no, I’m sure they could feel righteous anger.  Now, Anakin Skywalker going-off-and-slaughtering-whole-villages-of-Tusken-Raiders now, that’s bad anger.”

Which is why it never works to try to make sense of Star Wars, particularly if you bring in the prequels.

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