Southerners can’t take snow.

In my late evening ramble ’round the blogosphere waiting for my mint tea to brew, I came across this hilariously accurate cartoon on Waltzing Matilda (and please click on the link there to go view it).  I am linking this for posterity as I may need to be reminded of it next year as global warming continues to increase the amount of snowfall I’m seeing in my neck of the woods since my marriage and subsequent transplant to the South (well, not currently, but recently enough).  Particularly in fact, because the New Haus is situated in a region known as “the semi-higher elevations” which do tend to become isolated in cases of snows over 2″, thanks to the grade of naturally occurring hills in the area.

A friend of ours in the Dakotas texted me today, lamenting that we could see our front yards while they still have six more weeks of winter.  I commend him for waiting until Month 4 of Snow to lament.  As you see, it takes us down here only four days. 😉

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